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RavenDB 3.0–Production dog fooding

The following screen shot is from our production RavenDB instance, which is now running RavenDB 3.0 build 3466.

This is part of our dog fooding strategy, and it pays heavy dividends (see the next posts) Smile.



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A. Crowley
09/05/2014 07:10 AM by
A. Crowley

Excuse my out of topic question but I could not resist the temptation.

Are you using Kabbalah sephira names for your projet code names? Or is Binah just your knoledge base?

Ayende Rahien
09/05/2014 07:13 AM by
Ayende Rahien

A Crowley, Binah is a Hebrew word, roughly translated it would mean Wisdom. Note that the Kabbalah (acceptance in Hebrew) uses Hebrew words for pretty much anything. So those names don't necessarily mean what you would expect.

That said, this is a private project of one of our guys, and givent he topic in question, that is actaully possible.

Fitzchak Yitzchaki
09/08/2014 08:49 AM by
Fitzchak Yitzchaki

Binah is an application which should make it easier to a user to learn Jewish books, by giving him the tools to understand the text in question more easily, and provide him with a way to keep up with his own "daily learn" progress.

You can email me in order to get more details, give support for building it or just talking about it at info @ binah. co

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