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RavenDB 2.0 Release Candidates

Well, it is about this time. We run out of work with RavenDB 2.0, and now we pretty much have no choice but to get into the release cycle.

We aren’t done yet, but we are close. Close enough that we started running the current build in our own production systems. There is still stuff to be done, in particular, performance and bug fixes.

You can get the latest stuff here. We would love to get some people to hammer at things and see if they can break it.


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Ferret Chere
11/21/2012 10:47 PM by
Ferret Chere

You might want to clarify for those who haven't followed the version increment debate: "unstable 1.2" == "unstable 2.0" .... correct?

Tony Jose
11/22/2012 04:33 PM by
Tony Jose


What is new with RavenDB 2.0. Can we know the new features that will be released with this version?

Ayende Rahien
11/22/2012 04:34 PM by
Ayende Rahien

Tony, You'll get all of that, don't worry :-)

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