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SvnBridge and Multiple TFS Servers

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The most highly rated request for SvnBridge was adding support for multiple TFS servers without having to run multiple instances of SvnBridge, which was a hassle.

Today I finished working on the implementation, and the UI got a new check box:


Funny, but this took almost three days to implement.

Yes, I don't do WinForms much, and I am pretty sure somewhere there is a way to do checkboxes, but I like writing code.*

What actually took a lot of time was working on the path routing inside SvnBridge, so it would send the proper response to the client, which would return it right back to it. The SVN WebDAV protocol is full of indirection, and that is not saying the least.

At any rate, this now works, and you can use a single instance.

Now, how do I do that? Well, using the Microsoft Mind Reading Patent technology, of course:


I mean, don't you know that telepathy enabled software is the next big thing?

Now, all you have to do is start SvnBridge, and you can access any TFS server in your possession.

Just issue this command to get the SvnBridge code:

svn checkout http://localhost:8081/tfs03.codeplex.com/SvnBridge

Note the tfs03.codeplex.com in the URL ? This has nothing to do with how we specify which server we use. I am using mind reading technology, I remind you.

If we want to specify a port, we will use:

svn checkout http://localhost:8081/my-team-system-server:8080/MyProject

SvnBridge will also auto detect http and https, so you don't have to worry about this.

* No, I didn't spend three days writing my CheckboxControl.



I can't take it anymore. Your English has improved so much over the past several years. Why do you still say "multiply" instead of "multiple" ???

Ayende Rahien

Because that is what the spell checker suggest?


Really? It suggests replacing multiple with multiply? I'm perplexed. Microsoft CRM must somehow be to blame.

Ayende Rahien

No, it suggest replacing whatever I am writing as multiple to multiply

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