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An apt description of ALT.Net

Charlie Poolie, on the ALT.Net mailing list:

So one reaction I had to Alt.NET was that it was a group of folks who don't do stupid things: sort of like forming a club for people who don't play
in traffic or don't juggle sharp instruments.
Oddly, as others have pointed out to me, such a group is actually needed in the .NET world.



11/17/2007 04:19 AM by

This is exactly how I feel about ALT.Net...I just haven't finished my blog post for it yet. :D

11/19/2007 04:09 PM by

After reading it a couple of times, can anybody see a resemblence to other groups that may have affected our lives? For instance, religious groups. or the UN. yikes.

11/19/2007 04:15 PM by

Funny that. I had a very similar comment on my blog about it:


"It’s sad that the principles require a movement to champion them, I’m not sure when developers became so polarised and narrow minded, ..."

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