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NHibernate Course – Aarhus, Denmark @ Dec 09

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There are still available places for my 3 days course about NHibernate in Aarhus on December 9th.

This course is aimed at developers who are new to NHibernate or those who want to amp up their NHibernate knowledge. In the course, we go over mapping options, queries and optimizations, caching, extensibility options and a whole lot more.

I gave this course several times already, and it is pretty intense, but at the end of it, you are going to come out knowing NHibernate.

You can register to the course here:



Kaare Skovgaard

This looks awesome, however the information on the site is very limited (click Aarhus and nothing shows up) - do you know when this will be published?

I'd be very interested in this and should possibly be able to find the cash for it from my otherwise semi-empty wallet (student, not much to work with...). Are there any student discounts on this?

Apex Professionals

Wow, really wish I could go and be a part and register for the class...would love to see online options eventually!

James L

Aarhus, in the middle of aarstreet, aarhus...

Kaare Skovgaard

Oh, I see I missed a digit in there in the price... that's probably a bit more than what I can dust up as a private person.

Good luck with it though!

Rocky Sanders

Although I would love to see Denmark this time of the year, dont think the travel budget will allow. Will you do this in US, and or online?

Ayende Rahien

Currently it is not planned in the US, but I think there are plans to make it happen at some point

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