How SignalR killed RavenMQ

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Close to a year ago, I posted about RavenMQ for the first time, discussing the ideas behind it and what we intended to do with it. We even produced a private beta group to started testing it, but we never had enough resources to be able to make this more than an interesting project.

What I wanted is to make this a product, but that requires a lot more effort. Recently I started looking at SignalR as a way to undercut the amount of work that would be required to build RavenMQ. And the more that I looked at SignalR, the more uncomfortable I felt. SignalR seems to be a pretty good fit for the sort of things that I was thinking about for RavenMQ.

More than that, the longer that I dug into it, the more I liked it. The problem is that I feel that with SignalR in existence, the main reason for RavenMQ is now no longer there. Oh sure, we can build it, we can even base it on SignalR for wire compatibility, but I don’t feel that we can really generate a good enough value to create a viable product. At least, not one that I would feel comfortable charging for.

Given that, I am going to discontinue development on RavenMQ. If you were part of the RavenMQ beta group, you are strongly encouraged to look at SignalR and check whatever you can use that instead.