Webinar recordingFiltered Replication in RavenDB

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Among the advantages of a highly distributed system with endless edge points are that you can outsource data collection to a universe of locations, and even include them in your workflow, thereby expanding your operations. The challenges are when you have endpoints that contribute to your organization and systems, but you don’t exactly trust. They can be newcomers that you don’t know enough about, or entities with a history of misusing the data inclusion to your systems give them access to. You want the value they create, the information they amass and gather to be copied from the edge up the levels of your system, but you don’t want to give too much for that value or pay for it in the form of greater risk. Filtered replication is the art of enabling nontrusted edge points to access your system in a limited manner, replicating the information they produce in a nontrusted format.

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