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Rhino Commons is a set of classes that I found to be useful in more than one project. It makes use of NHibernate, Castle, and various other tidbits that I have gathered in my travels. Rhino Commons is a library to help me do advanced stuff easier, and as such, it is advanced in itself. It is not meant to present a simpler layer, mind you.


Where can I get it?

I don't have a binary distributable, but the source is accessible from https://rhino-tools.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rhino-tools/trunk/ in the rhino-commons folder.

Note: the Rhino.Commons project depends on files in the /trunk/SharedLibs folder. Don't just grab the /trunk/rhino-commons content if you want to open the solution in Visual Studio or do a rebuild.


What it does?

  • Working with threads:
    • Rhino Thread Pool which allows to:
      • Cancel pending work or abort executing threads safely - WorkItem.Cancelled = true, RhinoThreadPool.Cancel(), RhinoThreadPool.CancelAll()
      • Wait for work in the thread pool to be completed - RhinoThreadPool.WaitForAllThreadsToFinish()
      • Events for starting and finishing work items - RhinoThreadPool.WorkStarted, RhinoThreadPool.WorkFinished
    • Thread Safe Queue - Generic version of a class that Udi Dahan published long ago.
    • Countdown Latch - useful for producer / consumer scenarios, where the producer wants to wait for the consumer threads to finish.

  • Working with NHibernate and Active Record:
    • Generic Respository interface
    • Expressions that combine with NHibernate Query Generator to make really natural queries
    • Unit Of Work implementation using NHibernate and Active Record (see Http Modules for implementation details)
    • PluralizingNamingStrategy - Makes it easier to get reasonable table names from the default NHibernate database generation script.
    • A quick way to delete a lot of records with NHibernate

  • With:
    • With.Transaction
    • With.Caching
    • With.PerformanceCounter

  • Http Modules:
    • Page Performance Module - Logs the time that it tooks to process a page
    • Unit Of Work Module - Correctly handle Unit Of Work in web scenarios
    • Ensure Max Number Of Queries Per Request Module - ensures that the number of queries per request is low.

  • Inversion of Control:
    • IoC Helper class that makes it easier get the container to get the services.
    • Thin wrapper around Windsor that mainly gives nicer syntax
    • Binsor - a boo configuration DSL
    • Some work on extending it to support more complex configurations

  • Local Data"
    • An implementation of a data store that is local to your current logical work (in web and non-web scenarios).

  • Logging - Mainly log4net helpers:
    • Log the current request url
    • Log the current request id
    • Appender implementation to Log4net that writes to a local embedded database, and ensure that file size doesn't get out of hand.

  • Testing:
    • Using Embedded Database for testing NHibernate / Active Record
    • Using In Memory Database for testing NHibernate / Active Record

  • Validation - Common validation methods

  • Functional programming:
    • Generic definitions to all the delegates that you are going to need
    • Simple Collection util class to handle common tasks for collections, First(), SelectAll()

  • Property Indexer:
    • C# doesn't allow indexed property, but it is pretty easy to overcome that issue.

  • Stuff that should have been in the framework:
    • SqlCommandSet that is public and can be used by people other than the ADO.Net team
    • EventArgs - not sure what the issue there was...

  • MsBuild Tasks:
    • Active Record - Create Database: Takes an Active Record assembly and a connection string, and generates the database objects required to make it work.
    • Boo task - allows to run boo code as part of the build.
    • SQL Batch Execute - Run a set of SQL Scripts.

  • Xml:
    • Easily read/write values from xml files by XPath, adapted from the MsBuild Community tasks, and mostly used to update config files in tests

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