Rhino Commons



Rhino Commons is a set of classes that I found to be useful in more than one project. It makes use of NHibernate, Castle, and various other tidbits that I have gathered in my travels. Rhino Commons is a library to help me do advanced stuff easier, and as such, it is advanced in itself. It is not meant to present a simpler layer, mind you.


Where can I get it?

I don't have a binary distributable, but the source is accessible from https://rhino-tools.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/rhino-tools/trunk/ in the rhino-commons folder.

Note: the Rhino.Commons project depends on files in the /trunk/SharedLibs folder. Don't just grab the /trunk/rhino-commons content if you want to open the solution in Visual Studio or do a rebuild.


What it does?