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Twitter doesn’t like my identity

Recently I noticed that a very important feature in twitter website is broken for me. I can’t follow the entire conversation any longer, which drive me crazy.


It didn’t take me long to figure out what the actual issue is:


It appears that even though I am logged in, some parts of twitter doesn’t like this.

I then thought that this has something to do with chrome, so I used the incognito mode to try it:


It works!

I logged out and in again, nada. I cleared all browser history and restarted chrome, nada.

I uninstalled chrome (selecting delete all browsing history) and re-installed, and now it is working.

No idea why, and I don’t like the heavy handed approach, but at least now I got my twitter tracking back.


Robert MacLean

Sounds like a Chrome bug more than a Twitter bug.



Paul Stovell

I get the same problem with TenderApp - on one Chrome install it fails with 401 50% of the time, but a ctrl+F5 often fixes it.

Ray O'Neill

This has always happened for me. Had never tried incognito but that works as it does for you.I have no extensions installed. It's pretty annoying and I haven't found anything out there about the problem other than this post.

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