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RaccoonBlog new features

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Working on RaccoonBlog is like therapy, it is simple, it is fun and there isn’t a lot of thinking involved. We recently did a bunch of new features that I just pushed. None of the feature is earth shattering, but each is improving the blog somewhat in fun ways.

RSS Feeds per categories:


Post and comments count:


The number shocked me, actually. And yes, there will be a post about this.

Per post comments feed


If you like keeping track on the comments of a particular post, you can now do so very easily.

Global comments feed


If you care to track all comments on all the posts, you can do that as well. And yes, I’ll post on that as well.

Social Login


One of the things that I hate is the need to login all the time. We remember those details by default, but it is still annoying. I hope that this would be useful to you too.

How far do you have to wait?



Lee Atkinson

Just to let you know that the RSS feeds are now displaying the HTML source in the body - the description contains HTML-encoded content.


Me too on the HTML in the RSS feed body issue. Using google reader.


Yeah I'm getting HTML in the RSS now too :(

By the way the avatar/comment display issue in Opera is fixed now :) Thanks.


If you get hit by a bug, we won't notice until Aug. 24.


But then, we know by the next day ;-)

Chris Wright

The comma placement is making me cringe. "Aug 24, 2011" rather than "Aug, 24 2011".


@Chris - Ahh I didn't notice that, I completely agree.


I see html markup in my rss reader (google reader) as well

Ayende Rahien

Lee et al, Known, fixed now.

Ayende Rahien

Chris That is a typo, thanks for noticing

Bertrand Le Roy

The links for each post in the RSS feed are pointing to the blog instead of to the post itself. Also, amsll typo in the openId button: "Sing In" instead of "Sign In". Yeah, and it actually didn't work for me (OpenId), as if nothing happened. Cheers!


@Ayende - In regards to the date thing, it's at the bottom of your posts too.

"Published at Sat, 23 Jul 2011 09:00:00 GMT | Originally posted at Sat, 23 Jul 2011 02:41:43 GMT"

Ayende Rahien

Bertrand, Yes, I had a routing error that caused that, fixed now.

Ayende Rahien

NC, I am not sure that I am following you. That is a standard way of representing dates.


Published at Sat, 23 Jul 2011 09:00:00 GMT | Originally posted at Sat, 23 Jul 2011 02:41:43 GMT

'Sat, 23 Jul' instead of 'Sat 23, Jul'

Same issue Chris raised.

Ayende Rahien

NC, No, this isn't a valid format. We are generating the values there using: date.ToString("r")


Sorry you're right, I've been looking at dd MMM, yyyy. I miss-read that I was looking at Saturday. I'll just go sit in the corner now.


Ayende, love your blog and thanks for adding social login, however:

  • It looks a bit ugly like the images are stretched and/or jpg compressed
  • It says "Sing In" instead of "Sign In"
  • myopenid with a referrer doesn't work, I get a server error message

I have some clean icons here: http://jvance.com/pages/JQueryOpenIDPlugin.xhtml

Ayende Rahien

JarrettV, Thanks, we will fix that soon.

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