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Goodbye, ayende.com

Originally posted at 5/5/2011

The last time that I updated ayende.com was 2009, and I don’t see a lot of value in keeping it there. I am considering doing something drastic about that, and simply moving the blog to ayende.com.

Do you have anything there that you really care about?

Just to be clear, the blog will still be here, we are talking about the site available at ayende.com, not ayende.com/blog.



I've been waiting for this news. The title was a bit... frightening:P Move the blog to the main domain as the Google's first result for 'Ayende' is ayende.com/blog/default.aspx

And for the old ayende.com... RIP

Frank Quednau

This seems like the logical thing to do. Please note that there is already a raccoon blog ;)


I always wondered why you have ayende.com... If anything, you should have the blog at ayende.com and other stuff at ayende.com/whatever


What about Hibernating Rhinos?

Martijn Boland

Ayende.com still runs on Cuyahoga doesn't it? That should be reason enough to keep it alive :).

Vinicius Andrade

Just make ayende.com redirect to ayende.com/Blog

Quick ol' dirty html


won't this break the Internets?

Thomas Krause

Making the blog the start page is a good idea.

But please ensure that all old links to the blog posts still work. A lot of times I am searching on google for some problem and on some page i find a link to your blog. it would be a shame if all these useful links break.

If you are switching blog engines anyway. Maybe you can just leave the old blog running with a big fat message redirecting the user to the new blog homepage.

Like this you would keep all your history and links intact and don't have to do any extra work of redirecting old urls.


It just occured to me to warn you: Make 100% sure that you have setup the 301 redirects for google correctly. If not you will loose lots of google visitors. If you are unsure what to do send me a mail.


Why not just redirection to the new site, rather then constantly telling us the site is going down. If I go to ayende.com and I am automatically redirected to ayene.com/blog... It makes no difference.

Ayende Rahien

Phil, It is mostly warning because I wanted to see what parts people liked and what they didn't. It is considered rude to surprise people who may be relying on that sort of stuff.

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