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More on the joy of support: My trial expired!

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I got the following very interesting email:


You might have noticed that I have kept the email address of the sender public. That is an important clue.

The email was sent from a public email gateway, one of those places where you have a disposable email address.

I suspect that there isn’t actually a bug, but that the system is working as planned Smile

And there is this complaint:




what happens if I use several emails to get a longer trial period?

Frans Bouma

The world is full of free-loaders.

The amount of whiny stories I've read in the past years related to "expired trial" licenses, "I work for an NGO / charity so can I have the license for free?" is too big to imagine. The charity angle, I can understand that a tiny bit (it's a request for sponsorship really), however I then always wonder if the computers they're developing software on are also supplied for free...

There's always a chance people install the trial, test it for an hour, forget about it, and after a few months realize they need it -> expired, but those cases are rare.

Ayende Rahien

Okay, that is interesting.

Just had to remove an anti Semitic comment.


Damn, my plan is foiled!


I would like to confess that while I'm using the trial and loving it I stand a rather slim chance to actually buying NHProf at the moment; while I would very much like to, my current project will be finished before the trial so I won't have any reason to actually buy it. That said, next time I use NHibernate I'll definitely buy this tool; it has immensely improved our current codebase and I feel it's an invaluable tool when working with an O/RM.


My opinion has always been, if I can't bill for something like NHibernate Profiler, it is time to start looking for a new client. I guess not everyone has that luxury, but it'd be a big sign to me to start looking for new work.

I'd also like to add that I had some license trouble similar to this and Ayende was very quick to respond and fix the problem (I think a simple reinstall was what did it).


Hilarious. People don't just want something free, they demand it

Shuhel Ahmed

I am not sure it is the right place to say this but I my defense, I already tried "Contact Us"!

I am trying to get a trail license of NHProf. I am registered and as the web site(NHprof site) says, "License will be sent to you shortly". It is been 24 hours and i still didn't get it. I hope you wont call me "impatient"


Has someone found key-gen or crack yet?

Harry M

@Frans Bouma - that situation isn't really that rare. I (like I suspect a lot of people) love installing shiny tools before really having a serious use-case for them, and use up free trials before giving the tool an evaluation in the situation it is designed for.

Now me and the tool vendor are in a losing situation. The 30 day trial should be "30 days of actual usage".



Really? You go through all the bother of loading up a trial with no need to actually use the product?

I think the far more likely case is people just don't want to pay for something and they'll gladly keep re-installing the free trial as many times as is needed.


If I cannot use mailinator, can I use hotmail or gmail?


I used trial version on 4 separate occasions using different email addresses for 1-off things debugging.

This is because I was only needing it to debug an issue then i had no use for it anymore. Usage was < 1 hour each time over like 5 months.

This is prior to the monthly subscription going in.

But then I rolled NH into a personal project where it actually became useful to use it more often that I purchased a license.

Now I've just rolled NH at work over the past month and waiting for the guy with $ to get back from holiday so we can buy some more licenses.


Why not make the message clearer by saying something like 'you are trying to install a trial license on a machine which already had a trial license which expired'. Saves you from time consuming support issues. The user then will understand exactly why.

Interesting the guy created a box specially for efprof. Although it's a good way to know which site "shares" email addresses.


We bought a license for NHProf at my last job and I must say that Ayende was good about finding and eliminating some bugs we had with the product. Invaluable tool for working with nhibernate.



Ayn Rand turning over in her grave

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