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Smart post re-scheduling with Subtext

As you know, I uses future posting quite heavily, which is awesome, as long as I keep to the schedule. Unfortunately, when you have posts two or three weeks in advance, it is actually quite common for you need to post things in a more immediate sense.

And that is just a pain. I just added smart re-scheduling to my fork of Subtext. Basically, it is very simple. If I post now, I want the post now. If I post it in the future, move everything one day ahead. If I post with no date, put it as the last item on the queue.

This is the test for this feature.


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10/28/2010 08:39 PM by

Just so you know, all the post dates for your stuff are not in sync with the post dates of when they actually show up.

On the homepage it shows:

Thursday, October 14, 2010 #

Frank Quednau
10/28/2010 08:59 PM by
Frank Quednau


nice find! Now we know when Oren actually wrote the posts :)

Steve Py
10/28/2010 11:02 PM by
Steve Py

Ah crap, Oren's gone and done it, he's fooked up the space-time continuum.... Next thing you know he'll be trapped back in 1928, dressing up as an old woman and going to Charlie Chaplin premiers.

Hang on, my phone is ringing...

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