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Profiler subscriptions are now open for all profilers

After trying it out on NH Prof, profiler subscriptions are now opened for all the profilers.

A profiler subscription allows you to pay a small monthly free (~16$) and get the full profiler capabilities along with the assurance of no upgrade cost when the next major version comes out.

In addition to the monthly subscription, I got requests for a yearly subscription. I am not sure that I quite follow the logic, but I am not going to make it harder for people to give me money, so that is available as well for all profilers.


04/26/2010 03:05 PM by

Great news cause i'm starting to get quite attached to the trial version and it expires soon!

04/27/2010 08:17 AM by

Annual subscriptions are sometimes easier to obtain approval for and administer in an Enterprise environment, especially where Change is Project-driven rather than a Line function.

Mikael Henriksson
04/28/2010 09:30 AM by
Mikael Henriksson

Agree with Kynth, it's great if you know you'll be working on an NHibernate project for a year and then maybe a LiNQ project and then and then and then.

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