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Say hello to Uber Prof

I got several requests for this, so I am making Uber Prof itself available for purchasing.

What is Uber Prof?

It is a short hand way of saying: All the OR/M profilers that we make.

An Uber Prof license gives you the ability to use:

And it will automatically give you the ability to use any additional profilers that we will create. And yes, there is an upgrade path if you already purchased a single profiler license and would like to upgrade to Uber Prof.



Ayende, is my thinking reasonable:

The fact that You (NHibernate guy) have made EF profiler, you are actually saying that maybe EF will eventually be the number one ORM framework for .NET platform. Or you just want to earn some bucks?

Ayende Rahien


My sole interest in EF is monetary.


Sigh, too expensive, requesting personal licensing system for people who want [insertname]Prof for personal use.


Can you create your own appenders to the UberProf to make it work with custom data access layers?


I have to agree with NC...a personal license would be very nice.


One profiler to rule them all!! rock on!


I bought all of your profiles tools, would I be eligible for a free license of UberProf?

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