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Linq to SQL Profiler release is upcoming

Following the tradition of choosing meaningful calendar dates (although the first few cases were accidentals) for my releases, the Linq to SQL Profiler will be released in a 1.0 version on the 14th February.

At that time, the beta discount will be discontinued, so hurry up and show Linq to SQL that you love it by buying the profiler.


02/01/2010 11:46 AM by


Just a shame I don't use L2S often enough to justify that price :(

02/03/2010 01:36 AM by

I know I'm only 1 person, but I would happily purchase it (actually more likely get NHProf) if there was a personal license.

I've still not worked anywhere in Australia which uses NHibernate or any ORM that isn't MS. So I just can't justify that price, especially $305 USD for NHProf, if it was like $150 for a personal license so I could use it at home for my personal projects and such. I would happily hand that over. But despite all I've read and see about your profiling tools It's just too expensive.


^ Personal license, commercial license, just makes sense to me.

02/03/2010 01:42 AM by

Another aussie here, as with NC's comment, I would love to see a personal license.

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