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Core NHibernate Course in London, 24th February

Well, it is about that time again :-)

In about a month I’ll be returning to the UK to give another round of my NHibernate Course. It has been a while since I gave that in London, but the previous two runs were very successful, and I had great time teaching it.

This course is meant to give you working knowledge how to effectively use NHibernate in your applications, based on real world expertise.

You can register here: http://skillsmatter.com/course/open-source-dot-net/core-persistence-with-nhibernate


01/22/2010 08:36 PM by


I wonder if you ever gave this kind of training in Paris and if you would be interested in doing it there.

If you are, feel free to email me !

Michael Sevestre
01/28/2010 04:34 AM by
Michael Sevestre

Any chance you might give one of this NHibernate course in the US or Canada? I am certain any venue in north America would be really successful!

Ayende Rahien
01/31/2010 12:01 AM by
Ayende Rahien


I am seriously thinking about this.

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