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ÜberProf new featureFully keyboard enabled

For a long time, most of the work in the profiler (NH Prof, HProf, L2S Prof & EF Prof) could be done only with the use of the mouse. That annoyed a bunch of people, but it didn’t really bother me.  Rob fixed this recently, and I cannot believe what kind of a difference it makes.

Here are the shortcuts:

S Focus on Sessions tab header
T Focus on Statements tab header
D Focus on Details tab header
F Focus on Statistics tab header
Left / Right Move to the next / prev tab
Down / Up Move to next session / statement

Using those, you can use the common functionality of the profiler without touching the mouse.

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"Using those, you can use the common functionality of the profiler without touching the keyboard."? The mouse right?

Ayende Rahien

DAMN those Freudian slips

Sorry, fixed.

Frank Quednau

Well, you are an avid resharper user, too, aren't you? Imagine you'd have to get to all those features with the mouse...having keyboard shortcuts really makes a difference.

Carlos Cubas

"DAMN those Freudian slips" << made my day XD

Michel Grootjans

Now just the über feature: hit '28', and go straight to session 28. ;-)

Jason Irwin

Can you tell me if features such as this one are isolated to just uber prof or if they will also filter down to nhprof?

Ayende Rahien


Uber Prof is a code name for all the profilers, NH Prof, L2S Prof, HProf & EF Prof.

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