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I don’t do math, or how to get a €50 discount to NH Prof

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Okay, here is how it goes.

Go to TekPub and subscribe to the NHibernate series (this cost $25).

One of the perks in the TekPub’s NHibernate series is a €50 coupon code (about $75) for NH Prof.

End result, you save $50 overall, and you get access to a lot content teaching you about NHibernate from all directions.


Mikael Henriksson

That's the way to sell licenses :)

Was going to buy the profiler anyways and all of a sudden I saw that I got 50€ of the original price!

Cheers :)

Marc-André Bertrand

How long will this offer last?

I plan to learn NHibernate but I dont have any use for it in the near-future.


I took advantage of the offer. I finally have a project where the client agreed to use NHibernate.


Does it also work the other way around? I already have a license for NHProf... Can I view the screencast?

Ayende Rahien


Until TekPub runs out of licenses, and I gave Rob a lot

Ayende Rahien


No, it doesn't work in reverse.


Good initiative. Oh, you certainly don't do math. $50 != €50 (Check the title ;))


Huh, forget what I said, I can't read.


How many episodes will be in the series?

Ayende Rahien


You get a discount of 50 Euro, (worth about 75$), you need to pay 25 $ for that.

Hence, 50$ total discount


We hope that LOTS

Eduardo Scoz

Hi guys,

I subscribed yesterday to tekpub and got my discount for nhProf, saving 77 dollars, and getting the videos for free!

Great initiative! It'll keep me coming back to tekpub for sure!

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