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LinqToSql Profiler private Beta – the screen shot gallery

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This is just to give you some ideas about what the new LinqToSql Profiler can do.

It can track statements and associate them to their data context, gives you properly formatted and highlighted SQL, including the parameters, in a way that you can just copy and execute in SQL Server:


The profiler can tell you when you are hitting the database too often.


All the usual reports, what methods caused what queries to be executed?


Reports about unique queries across the entire profiling session:


And overall usage reports:




How private is the private beta, I'd be very interested in doing some testing.

Josh Arnold

We are using Linq To Sql on a handful of projects and I am VERY interested in doing extensive testing. Is it possible to get an invite as well?

Me too!

Please send me an invite also.


And me too.. Working very extensively with L2S right now, so I believe I will be able to really test the profiler.


We're using it lots too, if you want some additional testers.


Very interesting in trying it out and giving some feedback.


we are also using a lot of Linq 2 SQL, And your tools are great, so really want to test drive this one, and will be glad to send the feedback.

Karl Ahlin

We're also very interested in trying out the beta. We're using Linq to SQL in a fairly large project.


This looks very good. Looking forward to be able to try this product Hopefully sooner than later :-)

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