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System rollout nightmares

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The Finance Department in Tel Aviv Municipality has decided to go on a (probably illegal) strike (Hebrew link). Since I don’t live in Tel Aviv nor am I a local blogger, there is actually a reason for me pointing it out.

The reason for them being on a strike, especially since it is looks like it is not a legal one? The rollout of a new system is currently going on, and it is painful enough for them to refuse to do any work.

I wonder how bad it is for them to get to that point…



damn... I knew I needed to learn Hebrew... :P


Dang. That is pretty funny... To some extent, I am surprised this doesn't happen more. The university I went to changed email systems while I was there and the student population was not happy. People didn't stop going to class because of it(they did that on their own) but it was probably one of the poorest roll outs i have been a part of.


To me making software people want to use is the best part of the job (which is sometimes why programming and IT being related sucks).

João P. Bragança

Something like this happened at the LA Unified School District and a new payroll system. Ended up costing the top guy his job: latimesblogs.latimes.com/.../lausd-payroll-f.html

Typically this happens when a government wants to pay off a politically connected business (Deloitte in the case of LAUSD) and buys a contract for software that is not needed and the resulting code is not covered by any tests hahaha.

public class PayrollFiascoSaga : ....


Joao: If the software was not needed, people wouldn't need to use it and wouldn't mind that it exists for no purpose. This usually happens when they choose the lowest bidders and he does exactly what he promised - cheap software that somehow does what it says it will... Usability is more often than not missing from the conditions of the bid.


configurator: actually this being the government they probably chose the highest bidder ... with same results ;)

Joao Bragança

Well, I mean not needed as in the old system worked just fine.


In healthcare, implementation of "Computerized Physician Order Entry" (CPOE) often causes revolts among the doctors. Personally I don't blame them, the systems are awful. Healthcare IT has a loooooong way to go.

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