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it seems that there are very few changes.

Tuna Toksoz

You probably haven't seen the commit logs, and haven't read NHForge/Fabio's blog, probably don't know what a real work is.


So, does this release include NHibernate.Linq? :)

Konstantin Spirin

New features look so great!

NHibernate is getting more and more powerfull, covering new usage scenarios.

I think, better LINQ to NHibernate will make it the default ORM tool for most dev projects.

Thanks for what you guys do!

Fabio Maulo

The real list of feature is something large.. a way to know all new features is read the releasenote.txt (New feature + Improvements); the other way is follow NHibernate's committers blogs day by day (this blog, my blog, Davy's, Tuna's, Dario's ) and www.nhforge.org blog.


w o n d e r f u l



Still waiting for a good book on NH or one site full of examples and explanations. It takes much time to search over the internet for some things. Or sometimes to discover "wow, I could do it in 2 lines of code". Not all features are documented. May be it's a good idea to copy-paste your articles also to nhforge wikis, it's more useful than searching in blog. I think we need to have one place for documentation.


Bin link extraction is invalid or corrupted.

Ayende Rahien

Try again, it is working for me


So is there any status on the fully functional LINQ provider that was advertised to be a part of NH2.1?

A LINQ provider that supports joins/sub-queries/etc. would make it so much easier (from the technology approval point of view) to use NHibernate in projects instead of trying to make LINQ-to-SQL and the new EF 4.0 to act more like a real ORM.


Jimmy Zimms

So when / if are we going to get constructor support to nhibernate?

Ayende Rahien


What do you mean, constructor support?

Jimmy Zimmerman


Nice link! Exactly what I was looking for. Oren: basically I never want to see a parameterless constructor in my entities (unless of course in the model that makes sense but you get my idea).

thanks all for putting up with the simple stupid questions!

Salvador Gascon

Dimonia : Chek pdf documentation (very useful) included in NHibernate 2.1 or check "NHibernate in Action" book in amazon.


2Salvador Gascon

I've read NH in action. No any word about Icriteria queries, about difference between set, bag, idbag. Only common words like 'allows duplicates', but not exact difference.

Thanks for advice, I'll check pdf included with NH2.1 when I download it

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