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Dev Teach Vancouver & ALT.Net Canada

In a very few weeks, I am going to spend some time in my favorite north America conference, DevTeach. It is my favorite for several reason, great attendees, great organization, great speakers line up, and an always interesting occurrences. Thankfully, no one published the real pictures from the last one :-)

This time, in addition to all the nice features that are usually part of DevTeach, we also have the bonus of having ALT.Net Canada happening in the weekend directly after DevTeach. This means that I am going to be having throughout the week.

As an aside, I am going to stay a day or two after the weekend is over, the original plan was to give me some time to recover from all of that, but if you are in Vancouver and would like me to drop in and do some consulting, do ping me.



Thankfully, no one published the real pictures from the last one :-)

Like Bil Simser? >_>

Of course as I turned around and checked a few tables out, who is the only person at a table with a laptop?

Kyle Baley

Don't get too comfortable. I registered whathappensatdevteach.com right after the last one....

Chris Nicola

Thanks for posting this. I didn't even know this was happening. I will definitely try to attend these both. I have already registered for the alt.net session as well. Am I misunderstanding, but is the alt.net conference a free first-come first-serve registration?

I am very excited that both of these will be in my town!

Adam D.

It will be great to have you here. I'll see if I can round up some shops where you can stop by...

Justin Angel

Guess who's living in Vancouver nowadays? :)

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