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This is for the blog, for the last month:


Some more interesting stats are when you go into the keywords:


And if I try to break it up a bit, it gets even more interesting:

  • NHibernate related searches are responsible for ~13% of the traffic on the site
  • Rhino Mocks is responsible for just ~1.7%
  • Generic Rhino Tools stuff,4.7%

But looking at my traffic sources is even more interesting:


I expected Google to be a major contributor to the traffic, but I quite surprised by reddit being so important there. Mostly because I don’t think that I submitted stories there.



Interesting. Hope you don't drop all projects but NHibernate-related because this is what majority wants?


Out of interest, does the mid-month traffic spike correspond to your posts on Kobe or the Repository pattern?


I'm curious how Google breaks down search vs. their other properties (such as Google Reader). I would say I hit your site 90% of the time via Google Reader, not Google Search. Do your stats get that detailed?


@Bryan Google Reader stats aren't factored in here I guess.

Those are Analytics stats, they don't record RSS, just site visits.

The RSS Stats are collected by Feedburner.

Ayende Rahien


No, I don't see RSS stats here.



Interesting statistic indeed. I believe Google spider love your blog and rank your blog well in organic search.

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