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It is either a traveling schedule or a train wreck…

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So, after a delicious month at home, mostly spent resting I am back to traveling again. This time my traveling schedule is so complex that I need to write it down.

Next week (04 May – 08 May), I am going to be in Vienna, Austria. Doing some work for a client. If someone want to organize a beer night, or something similar, I open for that :-)

The week after that (11 May – 13 May), I am going to take part in Progressive.NET tutorials in London, UK. There are quite a few good speakers there, doing 12 half day workshops. I am going to be talking about NHibernate, doing an Intro to NHibernate and an Advanced NHibernate workshop. This is basically trying to squeeze my 3 days NHibernate course into one half day workshop (Intro) and then just directly to the advanced NHibernate (which goes beyond the stuff that I am talking about in both the workshop and the course).

The week after that, (18 May – 20 May), I am giving the first NHibernate Course (London, UK). This is a three days course that is going to take you from no NHibernate knowledge to having a pretty good knowledge in NHibernate, including understanding all the knobs and how NHibernate thinks. This course is already full, but have no fear, because the weak after that… I am giving the same course again (again in London, UK).

This time the dates are 26 May – 28 May, and there are booking available there.

You might have noticed that this means that I am going to spend three weeks in London. There is already a beer night planned, thanks to Sebastian. A side affect of this schedule is that I am available in the holes between the scheduled workshops and courses. This means that if you are in London and would like me to have a short engagement in 14 May – 15 May or 21 May – 25 May, please drop me a line.

Next, 29 May – 7 June I am spending in New Jersey, working. I might catch up the ALT.Net meeting there again, I seem to make a habit of that.

Following that, 8 June – 12 June, it is time for DevTeach, my favorite conference on that side of the Atlantic.


I think that early bird registration is still open, so hurry up. I am going to talk about:

  • Advanced IoC
  • OR/M += 2 – my advanced NHibernate workshop, squeezed into a single session
  • Producing production quality software
  • Writing Domain Specific Languages in Boo

And as usual for DevTeach, I am going to need a lot of coffee just to keep up with the content in the sessions and the fun happening in the hallways and in the bars. And as a pleasant bonus, ALT.Net Canada is going to follow up directly after DevTeach, so on 13 June – 14 June I am going to be there.

Wait, it is not over yet!

17 June – 19 June, Norwegian Developers Conference! Just from my interactions with the conference organizer I can feel that it is going to be a good one. I mean, just look at the speakers lineup.


For that matter, you might want to do better than that and check the unofficial NDC 2009 video:


If a conference has that much energy before it is even started, you can pretty much conclude that it is going to be good.

Here I am talking about building Multi Tenant Applications, Producing Production Quality Software and Writing Domain Specific Languages in Boo.

And as long as I am in Norway, why not give another NHibernate course (Oslo, Norway)? This one is on the 22 June – 24 June,

By that time, assuming that I will survive all of that, I am heading home, and giving myself a course in hibernating, because I am pretty sure that this is what I would have to do to get my strength back.


Greg Young

And obviously when in Vancouver you will be out downtown with me for an evening likely with A.Dymitruk ...

Just remember we are drinking to get drunk, not to have fun ;-)

Ayende Rahien


I think that I proved that drunkness is not beyond me in the MVP summit.

The secret is not with Scotch or Whiskey, the secret is in the interesting drinks. They sneak up on you.,


Ayende, are you a girl drink drunk?


Err...Girly Drink Drunk that is...

Man, I suck, I can't even get my Kids in the Hall references right...I've been away from Canada for two long. ;)


i wonder how is your customer in vienna?

Stefan Wenig


we're fine, thanks for asking ;-)

BTW, lots of fine beer brands here in Austria. We'll even get a Tel Aviv beach on the river vis-à-vis our office, but they are somhow unable to specify an exact opening date: www.telavivbeach.at

Anyway, if they open in time, I'm sure there will also be sneaking girly drinks, with cocktail umbrellas and everything ;-)


We (a few software developers) will have beers in vienna on Tuesday (5th Mai) at about 18:30 and would welcome you to join us!

I also don't know if telavivbeach has opened, but i know that "Hermes Strandbar" has opened. If the weather is fine you can find us there:


or if it's cold/rainy at Bar Vulcania

located here: http://tinyurl.com/dcq4t7

Anybody is welcome to join us.

Looking forward to interesting discussions!

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