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Looking for .NET developers in Fort Lee, NJ area

You probably know the drill by now, my client need a few good .NET developers in the Fort Lee, NJ area. This is for a full time employee position, working on some interesting projects.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email.


03/21/2009 09:51 AM by

Is that possible for non-US developer to relocate if everything goes fine? Does your client offer such kind of employment? (BTW, I have 8yrs of experience in .NET and don't have graduation)

I am just being anonymous as my boss could catch me :), otherwise i am one of your regular reader


Ayende Rahien
03/21/2009 10:46 AM by
Ayende Rahien


I don't know.

Send me the details and I'll ask the client.

I don't think so, though.

Marco De Sanctis
03/23/2009 11:11 AM by
Marco De Sanctis

Could you please let us know if sponsorship is available for this position? I'm interested, but i need an H1.


03/24/2009 10:45 PM by

Same questions as the one above - is sponsorship available i.e. would they hire guys on H1? Also, it would be great if you posted what kind of work is it - and if the client is open to using open source alternatives like NHibernate etc. (because it's very difficult to find companies who work on MS tech. willing to use any open source stuff).

Posting anonymously because of obvious reasons :)

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