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ORCS Web: Awesome customer service

I want you to take a look at the dates of this conversation:


The third message in the list is setting up a reminder in three weeks. I needn't have bothered.

I got a reply instantly, with the exact response that I could have wished for. Awesome!

ORCS Web in general is a very good provider, in their service, in their responsiveness and the overall level of "how can we help you" that I get from them.

Real pleasure to deal with.


Nico granelli

Isn't a little expensive? at least compared to DiscountAsp.net. I didn't know about support, but... really big difference, even in shared

Ayende Rahien


There are expensive, and they are more than worth it.

Maciej Aniserowicz

I couldn't agree more, I once had a problem with CSS 'disappearing' on my blog and didn't really have time to find the reason. I assumed it's something wrong with the server, so I just contacted Orcs. It turned out to be a bug in BlogEngine.NET, and THEY sent me a link to the patch, along with a technical explanation! Can you believe it?


If you want good service, you should be willing to pay a little more. You can't expect the same service level at a fraction of the cost, it's that simple.

Obviously, the challenge is to find out whether a particular provider is actually delivering on their promises... Therefore, posts like these really help.

Hadi Hariri

Funny you should post this now. I spent yesterday setting things up there to move my site over to them and I'm amazed at their customer service.

Will Shaver

How is it that you were setting a reminder in gmail? Is that automated? Please explain....


I noticed you host nhprof with them, I take it you are doing a hell of a lot more with that domain than what the site shows because for what you are paying in terms of hosting will be gigantic in comparison with something like discountasp.net who offer a pretty good service bar needing full os control and features like msdtc, msmq or WAS.

Steve Smith

I've been using ORCS Web for over 10 years now (wow!) and have always been very happy with their service. I'm glad they're doing well for you as well, Oren. ASPAlliance.com and Lake Quincy Media (lakequincy.com) have both been there for years.

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