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hehe, yes, that is quite optimistic. I'll certainly help achieve that goal if this is for tracking sales of NH Prof! :)

Frank Quednau

Nice. Thank God they didn't use Haskell and chose the Integral type.


I wish I could 'set' my sales ;)

Peter Morris

I like

public class Geek : Earth { };


What is more, that is virtual :D

Even manipulate the get.


I wish I could've been the first person to re-iterate the joke in the comments :)


its probably virtual because its a biz entity being used by nhib~

(im aware thats not the point of the post)

Ivo Ramírez

public class God {

 private God() {}

 public God Instance{

       get{ return null; }




The obvious optimism is in the type. Byte would be more appropriate for my sales.


..or a bool .. hurr! ;)


Hahaha.. I like the subtler wtf reference


On the other side; just have a look at these piece of scripts written by "functionnal experts".......

First : Just to be sure ; or "just in case coding style"

if Fee.TransactionStatus_ID = 40 then




End if

Second : Rounding issues (Get redy for the biggest laugh or your day)

NbDec =abs(NbDec)


Select Case NbDec

Case 0

                x =  abs(Round(NetValue,0))

Case 2

x =   abs(Round(NetValue,2))

Case 3

                 x =  abs(Round(NetValue,3))

Case 4

x =  abs(Round(NetValue,4))

Case 5

x =  abs(Round(NetValue,5))

Case  Else

x =  abs(Round(NetValue,2)) 

End Select

Bill Pierce

ulong would have been funnier.


This is funny!

Can I use it as interview question?

I like checking if the candidates have a sense of humor...



You can have a lot of fun with acronyms, we turned a 3 day off site design meeting (back in the day in medium design up front) into a lot of fun when we realized that our Client Resident Application Protocol was being designed, which mean that our server was going to send a lot of CRAP to our clients.

I know this wasn't in code but we had some interesting diagrams going before the project was scrapped. Guess the business folks didnt like the concept of us sending CRAP to our customers;-)


Is that code from NH prof? Perhaps in the licensing module? :D

Khalid Abuhakmeh

Oh No! I'm a nerd. haha, good joke though.

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