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Blog updated

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I updated the site to Subtext 2.0. So far, it looks good.

Reason for upgrade? I wanted to get the ability to future post. That should give me a way to throttle my blogging bandwidth.

This post, for that matter, is posted with 4 minutes delay.

Broken: I manage to forget that this blog also has a lot of links built from the old old blog, using dasBlog. It run for the last year and a half with no issues, so I just didn't notice that. Trying to fix it now, but it may be delayed for tomorrow.



Great, let us know if you encounter any problem....

and remember that there are also enclosures :)


I think you have some issues with the update.


Posted the full error message to the alt.net mailing list (since I hadn't seen this post yet), but I get:

"This operation requires IIS integrated pipeline mode."


interesting timing... first, I had just assumed you could already future post, but good to know v2 has it. Also, I've been considering starting to blog and debating using dasblog, subtext, or (gasp) building my own off of gearblog (a castle powered blog engine).

I'd be interested in your opinion on those options, and why you moved to subtext instead of dasblog.

Rinat Abdullin

The blog does not pass basic W3C markup validation


Ayende Rahien


dasBlog crashed under the load that I was putting it. Around 2000 posts just killed it.

Ayende Rahien


Did it ever pass that in the past?

Rinat Abdullin


I didn't check that. But normally all blogging engines are compliant.

Ayende Rahien

That is strange...

I am subscribed to the same thing, using Google Reader.

And I am seeing them, can you try unsubscribing and then resubscribing?

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