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Jeff Olson

James and I aren't the only ones..

  • Justin Chase made the installer and also fixed some issues with the .booproj locating the BooBinPath

  • Torkel Ödegaard is responsible for a number of things: Debugger breakpoints, project properties, etc.

Definately a team effort!


Sweet. No more 'you can't use Sharp Develop' excuses.

Ken Egozi

@Jeff (and the rest of the gang):

Whoooooooo HAaaaaaaaa

I won't lose my scite or Notepad2 yet, but this totally rock :)

@Ayende - would it be adaptable to DSLs?

Ayende Rahien


Haven't looked at the code yet, not sure.

I am going to play with that, for sure.

Justin Chase

Don't forget the little guy in the Help->About window!

Jeff Olson

One of the goals for, most likely, a 1.1 release of BooLangStudio is to port the syntax highlighting stuff to Boo.OMeta ... which in and of itself isn't huge.. but when you use it to parse referenced assemblies for objects and members that extend the language (macros, metamethods, syntax extension via Boo.OMeta, etc), it'll make alot of cool stuff possible in terms of enabling syntax highlighting/etc for DSLs or major syntax mutations.


Well done!

Brian Mavity

This is great! Just in time to sit down with the DSL book

Steve Gentile

Good, this will help immensively

Wishlist item: show how to use Boo with ASP.NET MVC

Now all I need is Ayende's book ;)


This is great, good work Jeff for getting the release ready! It's been fun working on boo lang studio.

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