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Unit testing a DSL

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There is something that really bothers me when I want to test this code:

specification @vacations:
	requires @scheduling_work
	requires @external_connections

And I come up with this test:

public class QuoteGenerationTest
	private DslFactory dslFactory;

	public void SetUp()
		dslFactory = new DslFactory();
		dslFactory.Register<QuoteGeneratorRule>(new QuoteGenerationDslEngine());

	public void CanCompile()
		QuoteGeneratorRule rule = dslFactory.Create<QuoteGeneratorRule>(
			new RequirementsInformation(200, "vacations"));

	public void WhenUsingVacations_SchedulingWork_And_ExternalConnections_AreRequired()
		QuoteGeneratorRule rule = dslFactory.Create<QuoteGeneratorRule>(
			new RequirementsInformation(200, "vacations"));

		SystemModule module = rule.Modules[0];
		Assert.AreEqual("vacations", module.Name);
		Assert.AreEqual(2, module.Requirements.Count);
		Assert.AreEqual("scheduling_work", module.Requirements[0]);
		Assert.AreEqual("external_connections", module.Requirements[1]);

	public void WhenUsingSchedulingWork_HasNoRequirements()
		QuoteGeneratorRule rule = dslFactory.Create<QuoteGeneratorRule>(
			new RequirementsInformation(200, "scheduling_work"));

		Assert.AreEqual(0, rule.Modules.Count);

I mean, I heard about disparity in number of lines, but I think that this is beyond ridiculous.


Jimmy Bogard

Looks like you need a DSL unit testing DSL. If that makes any sense. But I wouldn't expect to unit test C++ in assembly.

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