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Setting up MonoRail Windsor Integration with Binsor

I think I'll let it stand on its own:

facility Castle.MonoRail.WindsorExtension.MonoRailFacility 
for type in AllTypesBased of Controller("HibernatingRhinos"):
	component type.Name, type


I didn't believe it, to be fair.


Doug Mayer
05/13/2008 06:04 AM by
Doug Mayer

I'm a fan of your work with Boo, but "Controller('HibernatingRhinos'):" just isn't expressive to me. What does that string mean?

As an aside, I'm not sure why, but when I'm in Visual Studio I have a hard time programming in something like Binsor without Intellisense support. I know the framework, and I am very content with using something like Ruby in Intellisenseless TextMate, but it's just something I've come to expect in Visual Studio. =)

Ayende Rahien
05/13/2008 01:02 PM by
Ayende Rahien

That VS thing is just getting used to, agreed, but it is just that.

The method signature is:

AllTypesBased(string assembly)

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