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Customer experience to treasure

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I just finished talking with Apple Store's support. Due to a misunderstanding on my part, I ended up buying two iWorks licenses, instead of one. I called the store, got a human in less than a minute, explained the issue, waited a bit while she fixed things up so I get a refund for the extra license, done.

I wish it was all like this.


Kyle Szklenski

I once had a customer service representative put me on hold for an hour, then request I poke out my eye with a rusty fork. That was no fun experience!


So far Apple has been very good with their support. The In-store genius bar where you can bring your laptop/hardware and they work on it with you is smooth and pleasant. However I do wonder how long can they keep this up as the number of customers is growing. Right now they can afford doing things like that without getting it out of hand, I am not so sure it will be the same a year or so down the road.


Yeah, one place where Apple excels is its support.

BTW, do you know you also have OpenOffice and NeoOffice (a native port/fork) for the Mac?


I had an iBook that had a production error in the mobo and was recalled. Long story short, I had 6 months of sending it back and forth between my home, the shop and their factory, and everytime it came back, they broke something new (wireless lan, cracks in the screen, NIC, ...). In the end, they just told me my warranty period was over and I could suck it. I now have an expensive paperweight.

Just to show it's not always a pleasant experience.


Hmm, what wasn't like this then?

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