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Daniel Cazzulino

This is really cool.

It's very fast, stable, and I love the new feature of putting the TFS address in the SVN checkout URL, rather than on SvnBridge. Now I only need to run a single instance of it :)

Good job!


This is great!

Btw, who is paying you to work on SvnBridge?

Benny Thomas

Damn, I wanted to donate som help, but to late I guess. Give a hint if some refactoringen is need any time.

Rik Hemsley

I offer to spell check Benny's work ;)

Great job, Oren!

Benny Thomas


Don't be fooled by my lastname. I'm a Norwegian Viking. ;)


Does it works with local TFS servers or it is for CodePlex only?

I tried to connect to local TFS but have got 404 error.

Ayende Rahien

It works on local versions as well, yes.

Please post the details of the issue on the bug tracking section of the site

Lou D

Excellent. Thank you very much.

Will you be starting on TortoiseGit next? ;)

Peter Dolbey

Is there a plan to fix the enormous number of temp files that are left in metadatacache/@hashed (and filedatacache as well) - these are maxxing my disk out!


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