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Attack of the virtual machines

I just found out that I have too many virtual machines around. Right now I am working on three plus the host machine. I have the Mac's Windows 2008's Fusion VM as well, come to think of it.



03/31/2008 03:48 PM by

I love the concept of working in VMs, whereby not having to "muck" with your core "host" OS.

However, I always end up finding the performance too slow (I have used VMWare Workstation so far). I usually have 4GB of RAM in a high end laptop and dedicate about 2GB to the guest OS. Forget about having more than one VM running at a time - impossible performance...

I am genuinely interested in finding out whether you can actually effectively work in VMs to do serious development. If so, I wonder what I could be doing differently or better to get acceptable performance... Are there any "gotcha" pointers?


Ayende Rahien
03/31/2008 04:02 PM by
Ayende Rahien


I did development on a 512MB VM in a 1GB second hand laptop. It works, not fun, but it works.

I tend to do most of my dev on the host machine, with the VM serving as servers, integration and CI

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