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Expression Design: Lying By Omission

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Expression Design is supposed to be able to import and export PSD files. PSD is one of the more common file formats, because it is the one that Photoshop uses.

However, the import capability that Expression Design has is limited to... getting the embedded bitmap inside the PSD file. That one is supposed to let you get a thumbnail over PSD files, not as an import tool.

The problem with that is that PSD files are not bitmaps, they are composed of layers, transforms, and a host of other things that I am probably forgetting. Saying that you can import a PSD file by just importing the bitmap is effectively lying.

It may be true in the strict sense of the word, but it is misleading by not specifying that the comparability is so limited as to be useless.


Justin-Josef Angel [MVP]

I'm probably the only guy reading your blog that knows what Expression is so I'll take this one.

Expression Design does actually support loading PSD files.

Go to: File --> Open --> File of type DropDownList --> Choose PSD.

PSD is actually one of two formarts Expression design supports that aren't flat-image files. (The other is Expression Design's own file type)

Ayende Rahien


It opens that as a BITMAP, not as a layered image.

Mike M

Actually there is at least one more guy, me. To say that ED supports PSD is a flat out misrepresentation. It does not preserve PSD layers but rather opens a PSD as a single flat file. I want my money back! (except thankfully I downloaded the demo first : )

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