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In one of your slides you list Castle as being the only container that supports generics. How were you classifying support in the container? I had used Spring.NET to instaniate types that contained generics.

Ayende Rahien


At the time, I think that it was. That is not longer the case.


StructureMap supports Generics as well as of 2.0.

Ben Scheirman

I wish this was RECORDED! It looks like a great talk, but I'd really like to get the discussion behind it.

Maybe a Hibernating Rhinos episode?


Can u please put the complete example code. I played with it and and I would really like to see the code that handles the macros.


Ayende Rahien


complete example code for what?


I tried running the example solution on the sample code in the presentation (OnCreate Account...) and it did not run the 'BeginManualApprovalFor' method so I assumed that there is some more code that processes the OnCreate macro.

Am I missing something?

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