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Random Trivia

  • I am apparently the first Google result for "How to make a complete fool of yourself", not really flattering.
  • The web-cast about Implementing The Event Broker got 92,835 (!) downloads, more than all the rest combined.
  • I have a terrible memory for certain stuff, I literally can speak to a person. make a commitment, close the phone and then completely forget the conversation until about 10 hours later, at which point I really need to apologize.


Grimace of Despair
07/30/2007 12:34 PM by
Grimace of Despair

Is this programmer-related? If suffer from exactly the same deficiency...

07/30/2007 08:25 PM by

It may be. I'll get off the phone, having agreed to something for wife no less, hang up the phone and then think: "What just happened?"

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