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Application Types

  1. At first, there was the Utility, it was written quickly, for doing just this one small thing, and no one cared much about it.
  2. Then came the Project, which took a few weeks, and saved some work for people to do.
  3. And on the third day the Application, which had users and did useful work. It was both more complex and more valuable.
  4. From the trenches, the Batch Process appeared, to make order in the chaos.
  5. Over the horizon the Framework came into place, and all was orderly and there was order in the DAL and the BAL.
  6. Beyond the framework, a Business Framework appeared, it was sharp and focused, and it knew what a customer is, and what to do with a purchase order.
  7. To rule them all, the System was brought fourth, and it tied to all the applications in the organization, and it had a nice dashboard.
  8. To the greedy, the Platform was sold, which controlled everything, and made fun of the other things, and was extensible (with XML, of course).
  9. To make the little things easy, a utility was created...


Mike Minutillo
07/27/2007 11:41 AM by
Mike Minutillo

And he looked upon it and waited for the light to go green. And when it ha passed all tests he had set forth at the beginning he checked it in and said, "Look at this that I have created. It has passed all of It's Tests and It Is good."

Sorry but the recursiveness of the above led me to have a religious episode there.

07/27/2007 06:49 PM by

A very philosophic one. Love it.

Mike: the same impression exactly THUMBS UP

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