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RavenDB Events

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In the following months, there are going to be quite a few RavenDB Events, and I have been remiss in talking about them.

  • The Triangle RavenDB User Group is meeting in Raleigh. Jul 30, you can register here.
  • Mauro is going to be giving a 3 days course in RavenDB in London. Aug 11 – Aug 13, you can register here.
  • The Arizona RavenDB User Group is meeting in Scottsdale. Aug 12, you can register here.
  • We are going to be giving 2 full days events in Sweden. Sep 18 – Sep 19, you can register here.
  • I’m also going to be speaking in NSB Conf in New York City. Sep 29 – Sep 30, you can register here.
  • The RavenDB in Action should come out in October. You can purchase the early access copy here.
  • We are going to show up for Oredev with a lot of exciting stuff. Nov 4 – Nov 7, you can register here.

We also have a couple of surprises, but I’ll keep them for later.



Oren, who would be best to contact for more info regarding the NSB conf in NYC? It seems like this event is mainly for those who are experienced NSB users, but I'm wondering if it would be of any value for someone looking for a detailed introduction to the topics discussed.

Ayende Rahien

Dan, I think that contacting the NSB support would be best, I'm not really sure who actually organize the conference.

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