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RavenDB Conf Videos: Lap around the new HTML5 Raven Studio

In this video, Judah Himango is talking about the process and thinking behind the new RavenDB Studio.


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Judah Gabriel Himango
05/12/2014 03:08 PM by
Judah Gabriel Himango

It's amusing/painful seeing yourself talk, isn't it? Sure is for me! :-) I obviously pace around too much, babble on occasion. :-)

In any case, I really enjoyed giving this talk! And I can't wait until the new Studio is stable and in the hands of all the RavenDB lovers out there!

05/12/2014 06:34 PM by

Thanks for the talk, it is really too bad the screen captures are so blurry one cannot hardly follow you.

Judah Gabriel Himango
05/13/2014 04:38 PM by
Judah Gabriel Himango

That's probably my fault! I recorded it, but apparently it didn't work correctly, I'm guessing. Never had used Camtasia before, so I probably did something wrong.

Kijana Woodard
05/14/2014 04:05 PM by
Kijana Woodard

I refuse to watch my talks. :-]

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