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Exploring the data, extracting series from my blog posts

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I’m pretty bad when it comes to actually organizing my blog. I just like to write stuff out, I don’t like to do things like properly setting things up in series. Mostly because I usually think about one post at a time, or three at the most.

I did notice that I usually use something like “Series name: post name” convention when writing series of posts. So I decided to write the following index to check the data out:


As you can see, this is pretty simple way of doing things. And that lead to the following data.


Some of those are obviously false positives, and we have things like this, which are obviously out:


But it looks like important series are also spread over time:


I think that I’m going to have to do a new blog feature, to highlight those emergent series.


Phillip Haydon

I added the concept of series to my Snow blow engine:


It allows you to add a named series which is aggregated together and renders a list of links to the series.

If you modify the series, it will modify all previous links in the series. i.e if you add another post to the series in your latest post, it will update all previous posts. If you rename it, it will rename in all previous posts.

This is all done as a static blog inspired by Jekyll though.

Carsten Hansen

I am studying old post from april 2004. The link http://www.ayende.com/Ayende.Utilities/Ayende.Utilities.Configuration.zip

is not working!

I cannot find Ayende.Utilities anywhere. May be important for the history of Ayende :-)

Ayende Rahien

Carsten, I'm pretty sure that there isn't any valuable stuff there, and I know that there is no way I still have those.

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