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What does the test say?

Because RavenDB is a database, a lot of the tests we have to run are pretty long. For example, we need to touch the disk a lot, and we have a lot of networked tests.

that means that running this test suite can take a while. But the default information we get is pretty lousy. Just the test count and that is it. But when a test hang, and they do if we have bugs, it make it very hard to figure out where the culprit is.

So we forked xunit and added a tiny feature to the console runner:



Sean Feldman
03/05/2014 04:10 AM by
Sean Feldman

This is very handy. Planning to submit it as a PR to xUnit main repo?

Ayende Rahien
03/05/2014 07:57 AM by
Ayende Rahien

Sean, Yes, once we are sure that we are done with all of our changes.

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