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I’m twenty tomorrow, let us celebrate

Well, tomorrow I’ll be 0x20. Leaving aside the fact that I am just entering my twenties (finally, it feels like I was a 0xTeenager for over a decade), there is the tradition to uphold.

Therefor, we have a 32% discount until the end of the year*.

You can use coupon code: 0x20-twentysomething

This applies to:

* Limited to the first 0x32, and not applicable if you have to ask why you get a 32% discount.



the only problem with being born in 81 and not earlier is that you didn't get to come of age together with 80s music.

Ayende Rahien

Peter, Then again, I missed 80s hairdos

Mircea Chirea

Though you do look like 0x14 in your avatar.


Ayende, you're just a youngin'. I'm about to turn 0x30.


Did I already miss out or does it not start until tomorrow? I tried the coupon for the Entity Framework profiler.


Are you sure you're not 0400?

Ayende Rahien

Zac, Try it again, it didn't start until now.


Thanks it worked. Happy birthday!

Derek den Haas

Congrats with your 0010 0000 birthday!

Paul Hatcher

Happy birthday, oh and why do programmers get Halloween mixed up with Christmas?

Because 31 Oct = 25 Dec


So, in 68 years we'll get some freeware ;-)

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