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NHibernate.RunFaster() secret toggle

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I keep getting asked by people: “What is the configuration option to make NHibernate run faster?”

People sort of assume that NHibernate is configured to be slow by default because it amuses someone.

Well, while there isn’t a “Secret_incantation” = “chicken/sacrifice” option in NHibernate, there is this one:


And it pretty much does the same thing.

No, I won’t explain why. Go read the docs.



Lol, this is probably one of the funniest posts you"ve ever written... :D

Thomas Levesque

I agree with Erik. The documentation for NHibernate is abysmal, and anyway it doesn't mention the defaultbatchfetch_size. Sure, the meaning is pretty obvious from the name, but I still think it deserves an explanation. Why does it make it faster?


Documented undocumented features?

Jorge Silva



re: “Secret_incantation” = “chicken/sacrifice”

lol, very funny.

Diego Mijelshon

Well, this is pretty much what I've been advocating for years when someone makes a perf question in stackoverflow. I wonder if some value >1 shouldn't be the default. Not sure if 15, but definitely something between 10 and 50.


I get it, the joke is in "Go read the docs"


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