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Some automatic response system?

Phillip Haydon

Oh, clearly this is evidence that Ayende doesn't know that much about RavenDB at all!

John Atten

Obviously they want only highly qualified reviewers for their book.

Luke Bennett

Hmm that sounds familiar, let me guess... was it Packt Publishing? With their make-it-sound-personal-but-we-don't-really-care-you're-just-one-of-many approach...

Dror Helper

If you'd like I can help you contact the author :)


Well honestly, it's not like you really know all that much about RavenDB. ;)

Christophe G

Writing a book, any book, is an act of freedom. Letting people with an intimate relationship to the subject interfere would make the independence of the author questionable.

In a small number of societies in this world freedom of speech is a right that took a lot of pain and courage to acquire.

So, what exactly is supposed to be funny here ?


@Christophe I think you missed the point... this is a technical book about RavenDb, its not some sort of an essay or history lessons!!

I would rather have a book reviewed by the author of the tool (RavenDb) to ensure there is no bad advice or recommendation passed to developers (like me).


@Christophe I think reviews are good, especially from someone with intimate knowledge. I honestly don't see the link with freedom. I want accuracy with technical or scientific publications. Sure, you're free to publish stuff that might be inaccurate, but you would be misleading readers. When they later learn that your book is not accurate, do you think they will want to buy another book from you?

On second thought, I think it is almost censorship to deny anyone the ability to review material and provide constructive criticism. If I were writing a book on Raven Db, I would precisely want Ayende to review it and make suggestions--a good review would lend some credibility.


Perhaps they will want you to do the Foreword instead?

Ayende Rahien

ijrussell, I wouldn't do a forward to a book that I haven't reviewed

Adam Fridental

Kinda ridiculous :P

That's what happens when the author relationship guy has no idea what the book is about.

I wonder how those who write the other reviews feel when they know they fit better then Ayende :)

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