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Ha ha, it's quite subtle, but so obvious once you spot it.


I think there is something 'else' missing ;-)


LOL, I didn't saw it either

Marc Brooks

Not to mention the sheer lunacy of mid not being related to target in any discernable way. Ugh.

(oh, yeah, and missing else)


Apart from missing else, what about arithmetic overflow?

I would change the line: var mid = (left + right + 1) / 2;

to this: var mid = left + (right - left + 1) / 2;

You still get the same result, but it's a little bit safer for higher values.


The bug aside, I'd use checked((left + right + 1) / 2).

Roman Boiko

Another potential problem: behavior of comparator might be not aligned with subtraction, so that

_comparator.Compare(mid-1, mid) >=0


This is really a tricky problem to spot. :) Everyone is focused on the code inside the brackets and the missing "else" is not being observed very fast.

Adam Fridental

Sorry to dissapoint, took me a second.

Anyway, I don't belive in scoping braces when they contain 1 line, it's not safer and not easier to read.. just redundant.

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