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Courses, courses! All you can learn!

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So here is my near term schedule:

  • A 2 days NHibernate course in London on Feb 25 – those are intense 2 days where I am going to jump you from novice to master in NHibernate, including understanding what is going on and much more importantly, why?!
  • A 3 days RavenDB course in London on Feb 27 – in this course we are going to go over RavenDB 2.x from top to bottom, from how it works, to all the little tricks and hidden details that you wished you knew. We are going to cover architecture, design, implementation and a lot of goodies. Also, there is going to be a lot of fun, and I promise that you go back to work with a lot less load on your shoulders.
  • A 2 days condensed RavenDB course in Stockholm on Mar 4 – Like the previous one, but with a sharper focus, and the guarantee that you will go Wow and Oh! on a regular basis.


Judah Gabriel Himango

You doing any Raven 2.0 courses at your offices this year? I'd love to have an official excuse to visit Israel again this year, and if I can learn a little Raven 2.0 as well, all the better. :-)

Ayende Rahien

Judah, Maybe toward the later half of this year. :-)


Anything for US/Canada?

Matt Johnson

I'm thoroughly impressed that you still give NHibernate courses. One would think it would be difficult to keep it mentally separated from RavenDB. Awesome.


Ayende, it would be damn cool if you could some courses for a "student income level", since 1200 bucks is really really a lot of money, if your monthly income is at a small four-digit-number per month ;-) (Or maybe teaming up with an university for some CS courses?)

Ayende Rahien

Lelala, There are a bunch of discounts available for students, I think.

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