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Clearing up versioning, 1.2 vs 2.0 in RavenDB

When we started full fledged active development on the next version of RavenDB, we used the tag name “1.2” for that release version. We wanted to take the time and punch some big tickets items that were going to be very hard to do with small incremental releases. I think we did quite a good job of that. But one of the major things that we wanted to do was to be able to go back and fix some of the early on design decisions that we made.

Some of them were minor (null handling improvements during indexing), some of them were pretty major (changing indexing format for dates to human readable ones). Some are obvious (moving things around in the client API to make it easier to avoid mistakes), some are not so much (far superior handling of DateTime and DateTimeOffset). Interestingly enough, we didn’t get any big breaking changes, only a lot of minor course corrections. For the most part, I expect people to move from 1.0 to 2.0 without even noticing that things got much better.

We stilled called this release RavenDB 1.2, but we have some breaking changes, and we have done tremendous amount of work on the system. We started getting pushback from users and customers about the version number. This isn’t just some minor release, this is a major step up.

Thus, what we were calling 1.2 became 2.0. And I’ll be posting about what exactly is new in RavenDB 2.0 in just a bit…


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Pure Krome
11/26/2012 10:28 AM by
Pure Krome



(wish i can embed images :P )

Judah Gabriel Himango
11/26/2012 03:27 PM by
Judah Gabriel Himango

Definitely makes sense to bump up a major version, seeing all the changes here.

Looking forward to the Raven 2.0 release announcement. :-)

11/26/2012 03:43 PM by

Thanks that was very imformative!

Philip Løventoft
11/26/2012 07:58 PM by
Philip Løventoft

Looking forward to it :) Thanks for a great database. I hope the breaking changes are not too major.

Daniel Lang
11/26/2012 08:38 PM by
Daniel Lang

If Oren was a rock star, Pure Krome would be his groupie... :-) Cheers!

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